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.motorsportNET - press release - 11 September 1997
The Pits .motorsportNET racing The Pits
PRESS RELEASE courtesy THE PITS - 11 September 1997
The Pits Performance Team of Jim Getzen and Jan Kohl made a surprise announcement Wednesday with news of their new sponsor.

.motorsportNET, at has agreed to sponsor the team for the rest of this touring car season, and next season. "We're really glad to have .motorsportNET come on board with The Pits Performance Team", said Jan. "Considering my dismal outing at Sears Point, this will be real nice to have a full time sponsor". Jan got tagged in both rounds of the Sears Point races, however, Jim came in 4th and 5th respectively, flying The Pits flag when the chips were down. Both cars had good finishes at Watkins Glen, and showed that the Saabs are no slouches when it comes to racing.

"The Saabs are running great", said Jan, "but we need a little more work on the chassis...we can pull away when we get a good setup underneath". "We've got the talent, the sponsor, the engines, and tons of experience at both Long Beach and Portland, so we're looking good for the rest of the year...just need to make sure those chassis' are right!"

Joe Lees, who runs .motorsportNET, had this to say..."The car looks great - a definite winner I'd say." .motorsportNET specialises in links to racing sites, well over 1,000 links. "I'm glad to be involved with you guys and I look forward to a long relationship with the team...".

The Pits Performance Team will be testing at Long Beach later this week, and probably have a test session at Portland later this month. "We've got so many laps there we don't feel that we need a whole lot of practice, just work on our setups and we'll be there" Jan stated.

The Pits Performance Team has just redone their web page as well, you can find it at

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