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.motorsportNET - about us about us .motorsportNET
.motorsportNET has its humble beginnings in a room in Auckland, New Zealand, where its creator Joe Lees decided it was about time he got a home page of his own. Subsequently, 'Joes World of Motorsport Madness' arrived on the web. Before too long, this turned into .motorsportNET (don't forget the dot!!), a service that attempted to bring the latest motorsport news and information to scores of web surfers.

The time and effort required to keep such a site up to date proved too much however and it was decided that a mammoth links site would serve the public better on their quest for information. The web was scoured for the best links around and a collection of over 600 launched .motorsportNET into the realm of 'useful sites' for the first time.

With a lime green background and similarly coloured buttons, .motorsportNET certainly stood out from the crowd and a mixture of comments flowed in about the effectiveness of the colour scheme. Everything from "It's cool" to "Where are my sunglasses" made sure that people remembered .motorsportNET...happily or not so happily...

By the time the middle of 1997 rolled around, Joe felt it was time to upgrade .motorsportNET (celebrating its first birthday) substantially. Getting rid of the lime green, adding new sections 'motorbikes', 'simulations' and others, as well as adding hundreds of links all helped create a professional looking, comprehensive site.

A new address was needed, so was acquired to give the site some extra credibility. It only reroutes your browser to the actual address of the page, but it is much easier to remember in the first place.

That brings us to the present. The .motorsportNET you see before you is the latest evolution, hopefully you appreciate the hard work that has gone into making it possible and we hope you find it helpful in your web wanderings. Enjoy!

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